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Mission Statement

The Freshpet® Foundation is a 501(c) (3) non-profit charitable organization dedicated to helping our closest companions lead long, healthy and disease-free lives. Its mission is to support canine nutritional research in the areas of prevention, care and treatment of diseases in dogs.

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our goals

The Freshpet® Foundation believes that good nutrition leads to a healthier life for our companion animals and that more research is needed in the role nutrition plays in the prevention and treatment of disease. We are committed to improving the knowledge base around cancer and other diseases in dogs by engaging in the following:

Our story

A group of pet lovers and experts in pet nutrition came together as a result of shared experiences in coping with illness or disease in family members. Whether those family members were human or pet, the impact on our lives was oftentimes the same. As we began to seek out ways to improve the lives of pets, we found ourselves collaborating with a veterinary oncologist who educated us on the pervasiveness of canine cancer. We later learned that research findings are often reciprocal from human to canine and vice versa - so the efforts to help save canine companions may also someday help people afflicted with cancer.

Realizing there was the potential to improve lives by better understanding the causes of canine cancer and its treatment, we committed ourselves to starting the Freshpet® Foundation, guided by the following principles: